We all know that exercise is good for us, it helps to keep us healthy and lowers the risk of many diseases. As creatures of habit, we tend to repeat the same type of training. Whether it be cardio or resistance training, we can get stuck in a rut and after a while and not see any progress. Incorporating a mixture of resistance and cardio is a great way to maintain longevity with your training. We can help out getting you more active, we have a great gym at our St Albans clinic, with all the right equipment to suit your mixed training needs.

Here are 3 reasons why a mixed training program will benefit you long term.

It keeps the body guessing.

We tend to gravitate towards one type of training. This could be either cardio or resistance. Initially, our body will adjust to the type of training we choose, and we will see progress. But over time our body becomes used to that same type of training. You can switch this up by adding in new types of resistance training (or vice versa). This will stimulate new responses, gives you a new challenge, and will maintain progress in your training.

It can keep you motivated.

By changing the way you are training frequently, you will stay excited about exercising. You will also be less likely to reach a plateau in your workout performance and results. Adding new exercises into your training routine can make the workouts exciting and different.

Mixed training will help you achieve your goals.

You can achieve great benefits from both cardiovascular and resistance training. Cardio training will increase cardiovascular endurance and efficiency, while resistance training will increase muscle strength. Over time this combination will reduce your risk of injury, keeping you healthier for longer. A mixture of both will propel you to achieving success.

Now that we have you excited about incorporating new challenges to your training regime, give us a call on 03 383 6290 to book a session with one of our trainers at our St Albans, Christchurch Clinic.