Massage Therapy
Hamilton & Waikato

Looking for a Massage Therapist in Hamilton? Our massage therapist uses a variety of techniques to promote relaxation, enhance physical function and aid the healing process.

Nicola Bane | Massage Therapist

Bachelor of Sports & Exercise Science; Cert. Sport & Remedial Massage; Cert. Fitness Management; PG.Dip. Sports Medicine; HPSNZ Approved

A wide range of people benefit from the care of our very experienced Massage Therapist, Nicola Bane. From serious athletes who wish to promote muscle recovery and growth right through to someone wishing to put some balance back in their everyday life.

Why massage?
Massage is used worldwide to improve everyday health and wellbeing.
Stimulate blood circulation.
Massage Therapy is used as a great complement for the treatment of an injury and to manage chronic pain.

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