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Have You sustained a knee injury recently? Visit the Acute Knee Clinic at Active Health 105 Thomas Road, Hamilton

The Acute knee clinic is located at Active Health Waikato, 105 Thomas Road, Hamilton call on 07 838 3262

Who is the acute injury clinic for?

The Acute Knee Clinic is targeted at acute knee injuries and identifying serious knee injuries early (Ideally seen in clinic before 10 days post injury).  There are now three options available for ACL management:

1) Conservative Care;

2) Surgical Care;

3) Cross Bracing Protocol.

Early ACL identification means that consideration of all of the management options including the bracing protocol is possible. Other sub-acute/more chronic knee injuries that need sports physician review should be referred through the usual pathways in the Waikato (Dr Kevin Bell/Anglesea Sports Medicine) as these are not seen at the Acute Knee Clinic.

    Read the study

    “Healing of acute anterior cruciate ligament rupture
    on MRI and outcomes following non-surgical
    management with the Cross Bracing Protocol” 

    Please complete the referral form for suspected ACL injuries or other likely acute serious knee injuries. 

    Referrals will be triaged for appropriateness for assessment through the Acute Knee Clinic.  We aim to triage all referrals within 24 hours of receipt of the referral. 

    If you would like to discuss any referrals please contact Amanda Foster – Referral Triage Lead & Physiotherapist or Dr Brendan O’Neill (Sport & Exercise Physician) via or call 07 838 3262

    new to our clinic

    “The ACL-heal research project”

    Cross Bracing

    The “ACL-heal research project” and the “Cross Bracing Protocol” to manage acute ACL injury were founded by Dr. Mervyn Cross and Dr. Tom Cross in 2014.From 2014 to the present day 600+ patients have navigated or are still navigating this novel bracing protocol that has been devised to treat non-surgically with a brace and specific rehabilitation acute ACL injury.

    For many decades the belief and teaching were that an injured ACL does not heal. Recent publications have challenged this long held belief discussing numerous examples of spontaneous healing of the acutely ruptured ACL.

    The “ACL-heal research” employs a novel bracing protocol to enable and facilitate an anatomical “Closed REDUCTION” of the injured ACL tissues. “Bending the knee” to 90 degrees on average depending on the patient’s height approximates the ACL by 4-6mm and the maintenance of this reduction for the first 4-weeks after injury is hypothesized to FACILITATE the healing of the injured ACL tissues.

    Click here for more information on ACL’s and the Cross Bracing Protocol.

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    The Acute knee clinic is located at Active Health Waikato, 105 Thomas Road, Hamiltonor call on 07 838 3262