Did you know that Active Health has physiotherapists trained in Cancer Rehabilitation?

We have 4 physiotherapists trained specifically in cancer rehabilitation, and ready to help you to feel your best. Our Physiotherapists can offer treatment in both the St Albans and Rangiora Clinics.

Do you know someone that has been affected by cancer?

Cancer treatment is full on and commonly causes unwanted side effects that negatively impact quality of life. Treatment is also known to affect physical health, body weight and cardiovascular health. This can lead to a withdrawal in daily activities like physical activity and working. A great way to combat this is to see our highly skilled physiotherapists to help get you back on track and feeling better.

Cancer rehabilitation can help reduce the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Our trained physiotherapists can help support people in all the stages of their treatment and after treatment has finished, to help them maximize their recovery and improve their quality of life.

Please spread the word that there are trained physiotherapists that can help support people who are recovering from cancer, as so many people are missing out on this valuable support and as a result they are living with unnecessary side effects of cancer.

Cancer rehabilitation can help:

  • Ease pain and muscular tension
  • Regain strength and mobility
  • Increase energy levels and improve breathing
  • Help with managing fatigue
  • Reclaim body confidence and control
  • Reduce treatment related side effects
  • Return to those activities that you love but have been unable to do lately

An added bonus

There are a few options for funding for this type of rehabiblation to help ease the finacial strain of treatment.

For those affected by Breast cancer, you can apply for funding here through the Breast Cancer Foundation.

For any other types of cancer, you can apply for funding here through the PINC and STEEL Trust. 

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