The Lung Mechanic Rangiora & North Canterbury

Are you… 

  • Breathless but the doctor can’t tell you why?

  • Stressed or anxious?

  • Exhausted but can’t sleep?

  • Headaches / foggy headed / dizzy?

  • Getting chest pain but your heart has been checked out as ok?

  • Stuffy blocked nose but nothing helps?

  • Can’t get fitter no matter how much you train?


  • Stomach upsets – IBS? Bloated?
  • Yawning, sighing, can’t get a decent breath?

  • Coughing but everyone tells you there is no cause for it?

  • Have asthma but using your inhaler more than twice a week?

  • Have a lung condition that makes you bring up phlegm?

  • Have a lung condition that makes you breathless?

Then seeing Catherine who is a breathing physiotherapist might be right for you!

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Catherine George

The Lung Mechanic

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Over the last 20 years I have worked in Australia, England and New Zealand as a physiotherapist with children, youth and adults, assessing, treating and encouraging self management of breathing (respiratory) conditions.

I work closely with Canterbury Private Respiratory Specialists.

BPhty, NZRP, MPNZ, Member of PNZ cardiorespiratory and mental health specialist interest groups.

Certificate of Proficiency in Breathing, Performance and Rehabilitation (AUT)

Bradcliff method certified ​

Out of work I am a busy mum of 4 children and a Jack Russell, a representative on the school board of trustees and have an ATCL in speech and drama from Trinity College London.

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