We Can Custom Make Orthotics for Your Needs.

Are you looking for orthotics, arch supports and aids for your shoes? We can custom make orthotics for any foot, and any purpose be it Sports, every day and Medical Conditions.


Our podiatry departments are experts on footwear and orthotic requirements.

Shoe Prescription and Orthotic Design 


For problems with your feet and lower legs, your choice of footwear is a vital component.  Sometimes aches and pains can be something as simple as the wrong type of footwear for your chosen activity.

Choosing the right footwear is important - We can help with that.

There are many and varied options with footwear on the market these days, particularly in the sports and active shoe area.

Have existing shoes? Our Podiatrists can design and fit an appropriate orthotic even if If your condition requires more than a footwear change, we can make something for multiple shoes or provide a solution.

Thinking about buying new shoes? We can help evaluate your shoes and make recommendations as well as customise an orthotic to go in new shoes to support your body.


How does the orthotic process work?


  • Book an appointment with a podiatrist and bring your shoes
  • Come to the appointment and we can evaluate your shoes and your injury and come up with a solution.
  • If you are considering buying new sports shoes we can give you tips on what to look for and buy to put your best foot forward so to speak. 
  • Once you have your new shoes, or with your old shoes, we can custom fit an orthotic to you and your requirements.

Do you have questions?

Give our friendly staff a call. 

Ready to get started?

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