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Christchurch Nutritionist

Need A Dietitian / Nutritionist?

 Jess Moulds

Jess Moulds

can help you with:

  • Weight/fat loss & weight gain
  • Managing emotional eating
  • Gut health issues/IBS
  • Managing diabetes and cholesterol
  • Sports nutrition
  • Women’s and men’s health
  • Hormonal disturbances

What a consult includes:

Initial Meeting

Complete a full lifestyle, health and diet assessment
Create personalised action plan for you and start making the first steps towards your goal

Follow-up meetings

Review your progress, discuss tools and strategies to help with your goals
Learn more about eating right and managing in every situation
Overcome challenges you come up against
Discuss new ideas, adapt your plan

What you will cover in your follow up sessions will be completely tailored to you and your needs – we are all about what is right for YOU as an individual!



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